What Salesforce Communities Can Bring to Your Brand

Salesforce brings their service to a whole new level as they incorporate big data analytics into their CRM. Through the new Community Cloud, users can have an experience similar to what LinkedIn does – they can create communities for their companies, but only for their own partners, customers, employees, and other people who are important… READ MORE

China’s E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Enters the US Cloud Computing Scene

It looks like the major cloud players in the US are looking at tougher competition ahead as Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce giant, expresses plans of jumping into the US cloud computing scene. This is something that they plan to accomplish by partnering up with domestic companies, effectively gaining familiarity on US soil. Building Relevant Partnerships… READ MORE

What is the Best Cloud Storage for Windows 10?

Gone are the days where you’d save your most beloved computer files to a diskette, cd, or flash drive. Thanks to technological innovations and advancements, our storage devices have evolved from being tangible devices to cloud (and not to mention more spacious) devices. Not only can cloud devices store about any file you wish (from… READ MORE

What are 7 of the Best Cloud Storage Services?

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What is the Difference between Primary and Cloud Storage Backup?

Primary cloud storage and cloud storage backup – sounds very similar, right? In most ways, they are both alike, but technically speaking, they are quite different from one another. What is a primary cloud storage?A primary cloud storage is probably what most people are familiar with. This is what would first come to mind upon… READ MORE

How to Explain Cloud Storage to a Newbie

Yes, cloud storage has become a truly indispensable part of every successful business’s regular operations that all the others are just itching to jump right in and join the digital revolution that it’s causing. However, a lot of people are still hesitant to take the plunge, mostly because there are still some aspects about the… READ MORE

Which is Better between Public and Private Cloud Storage?

Cloud computing has definitely taken the world by storm, that almost every piece of information that anyone has today is automatically saved in that digital storage that we call the cloud. Whether it’s a piece of important document, or a long list of contacts, the need for cloud storage has become undeniable. Because its importance… READ MORE

Why is the Cloud Storage Regarded as Data Generators?

Cloud service is regarded as data generators since the system keeps and dispenses countless of data every day. It is child’s play to create an online storage account for personal use. Less so for businesses with high volumes of data. This is particularly true if the data are kept in traditional and redundant storing media…. READ MORE

What Cloud Storage Services Can Be Used on Webinars?

Cloud storage services are not just used to backup important data but they’re also utilized to easily share files. This particular service of any cloud system opens a pool of opportunities for people who use the net to conduct seminars and talks. Indeed, cloud system is now used as a tool to make a webinar… READ MORE

What to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Storage System?

Storing important data through a cloud storage system has undoubtedly taken the digital world to greater heights. The system introduced an excellent approach to make storing and securing data a great deal simpler. Besides eliminating the dependence on pricey and area-consuming storage space, the cloud system makes file sharing easier. With the variety of cloud… READ MORE