How Can Cloud Storage Help Prevent Data Loss?

For any company, data loss is a nightmare. Regardless if it’s client data or their own, once gone, it will mean a major loss of money. Companies invest a lot to gather the different documents and records that they use. From funding research to employee information, all of these have an attached monetary value. This… READ MORE

How does a Reliable Online Backup Software Make You Productive?

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The Importance of File Encryption During Uploading to Cloud Storage

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What are the Five Most Useful Online Backup Solutions Today?

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Why are Companies Steering Clear of Managed Services?

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What are the Specifics on Cheaper Cloud Computing from Google?

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What Salesforce Communities Can Bring to Your Brand

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China’s E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Enters the US Cloud Computing Scene

It looks like the major cloud players in the US are looking at tougher competition ahead as Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce giant, expresses plans of jumping into the US cloud computing scene. This is something that they plan to accomplish by partnering up with domestic companies, effectively gaining familiarity on US soil. Building Relevant Partnerships… READ MORE

What is the Best Cloud Storage for Windows 10?

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